A bit about me

Posted by travislavery on March 29, 2018

I constantly find myself lost in thought as something grabs my attention, proceeding to steal 15 minutes of my time as I delve into every detail and angle I can imagine, trying to understand whatever stray thought caught my brain’s notice. Yesterday, it was how in the world one goes about getting a pothole fixed? Seems simple enough, but think about it for a minute, it gets complex quick. How did the Romans deal with potholes I wonder?

I’m sure that my two dogs (Ood and Harlequinn) didn’t appreciate their dad’s head being up in the clouds as we finished our walk, but surely by now they’ve gotten used to it.

This same curiosity has fueled my quest to understand, and hopefully to eventually master, programming in all its shapes and sizes. Because I am a visual learner, I took advantage of my joy for home improvement and design, to create several large whiteboards which can (of course) be put up on the wall by my desk with Velcro. I have since used these whiteboards to visualize the ideas for projects in my head, most recently being a React Redux application, supported by a Ruby on Rails API back-end. Good fun.

Have I mentioned that I love programming? Many things have captured my passion and held it before, but nothing like this love/hate 3-hour keyboard head-banging only to realize I forgot to capitalize the name of the file I imported experience. Incredible. If I spend enough time and effort, I can learn to create anything. Every aspect of our society today is powered by, in one way or another, code. It’s truly inspiring. And I plan to become one of the best.

I also love a smooth website experience. That feeling when a page is just right, the code working exactly as intended, easy to read and understand, man that feeling is one of the things I wake up for. And I strive to create that same feeling for everybody that interacts with anything I work on.

I’d love to hear from you, even if it is just to let me know of a particularly interesting conundrum.