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JSON Web Keys

So, here we are, all excited to be learning about the wonders of security in an online world. Today, I’ll be doing a brief overview of what a JWK (json web key) is, and what purpose it serves.

ECDSA Encryption

ECDSA - Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm.

A bit about me

I constantly find myself lost in thought as something grabs my attention, proceeding to steal 15 minutes of my time as I delve into every detail and angle I can imagine, trying to understand whatever stray thought caught my brain’s notice. Yesterday, it was how in the world one goes about getting a pothole fixed? Seems simple enough, but think about it for a minute, it gets complex quick. How did the Romans deal with potholes I wonder?

The journey

I actually did it. I began this program with the intention of completing it faster than expected, and I immediately started to set crazy goals. I pushed myself harder than I have ever pushed myself before. I set aside anything that was not of utmost importance, and focused. I refused to get distracted. I completed this program in 3 months. And I did it while working a full time job.

Magic is hard sometimes

React and Redux are both incredible. I have absolutely loved the ability to take any part of an app, break it down into little tiny pieces, and then like a jigsaw puzzle put them all back together. Redux makes it possible to do this, by letting me access the data I’m getting back from my rails API in a non hair-pulling and screaming way. I can at any point decide that this piece of the app needs access to that part of the state data, and boom, it’s done in like 5 lines of code. I can pass along information to the small, dumb, reliable and pure little pieces, so they can do their thing. Thanks React, cool move.